Minim 2.0 foundation built floor plan

Minim 2.0 foundation built floor plan

Intel Minim House

The Intel Minim House, which uses the new Minim plan set.

We have some exciting news.  We have just completed a new plan set for a foundation built Minim House, with some slight new tweaks that make this design ideal for micro living. This is the basic layout that we used to build Intel’s tiny house

The differences between the original design and the 2.0 plans:

  • It is 12.5′ x 24′, stick built (not SIPs), but achieves similar insulation values to SIPs.
  • Bathroom has separate shower enclosure and door (not a wet bath)
  • Optional additional windows in bath/office
  • Optional additional closet by bathroom
  • Slightly larger bed platform to accommodate a queen bed.

We now have building plans for the original award winning trailer-based Minim house, or the new plans for the (slightly larger) new foundation built model.